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The reliable firm that loves human being, for their love!
The firm that is advance toward 100 years with passionate challenging!
Dansuk Industrial has contributed to the development of Korean industries for the last 50 years as a fine chemicals company. As the TOP company in the PVC stabilizer field and the leading company in the non-toxic stabilizer field, we have expanded our position in the global market, including Southeast Asian countries, the Middle East, Africa, Russia, and China. Over the last decade, Dansuk has become one of the top businesses specializing in eco-friendly renewable energy such as bio diesel and bio heavy oil, along with other essential oil subsidiaries, and is currently the biggest manufacturing company in the renewable fuel field for the last 4 years, reaching 100,000 tons in annual production, proving the success of our business diversification.
Dansuk Industrial also addresses the entrepreneurial spirit along with external growth and internal stability. Based on the great enterprising attitude passed down from the previous president and founder of the company, Han Joo-il, ‘a company should continue to develop and contribute to society,’ we are developing our management ideology and creating a strong and sturdy corporate culture based on cooperation between our management and employees through communication. Smooth communication in conjunction with a rapid decision-making process has been the main factor that allows us to react to and deal with the rapidly changing market.
Not only that, but Dansuk Industrial has continuously set a 5-year vision grounded in value based management in 2005 in order for all of the staff and employees to have clear sense of purpose so that we can all share and engage in each goal together. The third step of value based management took root in Dansuk in 2015 through education on internalization and we still share a common dream to become a company worth 1-trillion won by 2020. We are also pushing forward with a business strategy to strengthen and increase the value chain for greater profit.
We promise that we will put forth our best efforts to maximize our clients’ values, to create a workplace where all of our staff enjoys working, and to become a 100-year company that contributes to national development.
CEO & President,

Han Seung-wook